Visit SciLifeLab (Stockholm)

Directions for traveling to SciLifeLab using public transport.

Updated Feb. 2020.

From the Stockholm Central Station (“T-centralen” or “Centralen”): Take the green subway line to Sankt Eriksplan (see below for bus instructions).
From Odenplan: Take bus 6 (destination “Karolinska institutet”), 72 (destination “Karolinska sjukhuset”) or 507 (“Västra skogen” or “Tomteboda postterminal”).
From Sankt Eriksplan (leave the station via the entrance named “Torsgatan”): Take bus 3 (dest. “Karolinska sjukhuset”), 6, or 77 (dest. “Karolinska sjukhuset”).

Your final stop is Karolinska institutet Biomedicum.

Old photo: buses 3, 6 77 and 507 now stops a few meters further ahead (but still before the crossing). Bus 72 goes a different route.

SL (Stockholm public transport) web site

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Visiting address

Science for Life Laboratory
Tomtebodavägen 23A
17165 Solna